Mumias House of Medicinal Cannibalism


acrylic oil pastel and bible pages original painting on canvas ready to hang


Mumias House of Medicinal Cannibalism by Karen Chappelow original Acrylic, ink and mixed media ready to hang 100x90cm

The medical trade and pharmacological use of the human body parts and fluids arose from the belief that because the human body can heal itself it can also heal another human. From ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Judaic and Indian cultures. Ancient Egyptians are said to have bathed in blood, back in ancient Rome, Romans drank the blood of slain gladiators to absorb vitality, at its peak in the 16th century throughout Europe it was common practice with many raw  materials coming  from stolen mummies traded on the market, grave robbing was also a source. Medicines, tinctures, chocolate and marmalade were made, with names like mans grease, kings drops, wine made from redheads. Today organ transplant is a form of modern day cannibalism with trafficking in human organs